DAO Supplementation

DAO supplementation may help overcome Diamine Oxidase deficiency by delivering the enzyme directly to the lower intestine. Many dieticians routinely recommend supplementation in addition to dietary restrictions for the management of dietary histamine intolerance and related concerns such as mast cell activation syndrome.

Dietary supplements on the market today do not provide pure, isolated DAO. Rather, these supplements are derived from kidney extracts that have been concentrated and stabilized to deliver naturally occurring DAO that becomes active within the GI tract.

Pea shoots or sprouts are a popular vegetarian option for those seeking to boost DAO naturally. As Dr. Janic Joneja explains, “Many legumes (peas, beans, lentils) produce diamine oxidase (DAO) as the seed germinates to form a seedling. The enzyme regulates the levels of chemicals involved in the development of the seedling; is involved in the initial nutrition of the seedling; and regulates the level of hydrogen peroxide in the cell wall so that the cell develops structurally in a proper fashion. Among the different types of legumes, pea seedlings seem to produce one of the higher levels of DAO.”

You can find pea shoots or sprouts in some grocery stores and specialty health food stores with good produce departments, but if you are serious about using pea shoots to supplement DAO, you’re going to want to grow them yourself at home. Dr. Joneja has an excellent article on how to do this at her website AllergyNutrition.com. Just click the link to go directly to this article.